Daydreaming of You (2013-2016)

From a very young age, I was always fascinated by people’s stories. Constantly begging my grandmother to tell me about her life experiences, I found myself entrenched in her history. I admired the life she and my grandfather had fought to build. Struggles and fairytales seemed to make up their journey together.

Growing up in a single parent home from a young age, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. When my grandmother gave me a large collection of old color slides to scan in and explore I found myself infatuated with their memories and who they have become overtime. For this series of work, I explored their story and the lives that they live now. An American love story, adapted over the years and seen through the eyes of their grandchild.

This work is filled with objects that represent how I see the stories that have been told to me but also how I see my grandparents. My grandmothers wedding dress, the bible my grandmother gave my grandfather when he was in the navy, all of these tiny memories that have been shared with me being documented through my photographs.

For all of these photographs I used medium format film on my Hasselblad and Mamiya C220. I enjoy using film for this series because of the time I end up spending with each composition before I snap the photograph. 

Using Format